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Solar Costs for Metro New York Synagogues

Congregation Sons of Israel, Briarcliff NY

In order to better understand the costs and benefits for synagogues to install solar systems, here is a hypothetical example of how much a solar system costs, electricity it can generate, and CO2 emissions it eliminates.

The example applies to synagogues in NYC and Westchester. In these locations, New York State provides a best in the country incentive of $1 per watt for solar systems (applicable for solar systems up to 200 kW in size).

In other parts of New York, the incentives are "still good compared to the rest of country", just not as good as in NYC and Westchester.

And, every non-profit can now qualify for an investment tax credit (ITC) that reduces the costs of solar systems, typically equal to 30% of the solar system's costs.

Like many, you may be wondering how can a non-profit that doesn't pay taxes get a tax credit. It's because the IRS will "direct pay" an amount equal to the tax credit to the non-profit organization. (read here for more information on how the ITC helps synagogue's solar projects)

Example: Solar System Costs, Electricity Generation, CO2 Emission Reduction

After installing solar systems, the climate benefits and cost savings from heat pumps become much more favorable too.


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